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Everything You Need to Get Your Business Connected!

FirstNET offers a comprehensive array of business communication services, from simple dial-up Internet access to the big "pipeline" connections (ISDN, T1.) FirstNET also offers network development and consulting services. Whether you need Internet connectivity, networking or hosting, you'll find that reliability, durability and adaptability are FirstNET hallmarks.

Dialup Access
At first glance, our affordable pricing for simple Internet access might appear to be our showcase feature. But look again, because as every good businessman knows, reliability and efficiency trump good pricing. Our connections are fully redundant, which means that if one connection is down, another is there to carry the load. That spells reliability. Another factor to consider is called "throughput", or data transfer rate. FirstNET's throughput has been tested against that of various local and major ISPs -- and FirstNET beat them all.

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) allows multiple digital channels to be operated simultaneously through an ISDN-capable telephone line. This permits much higher rates of data transfer than analog lines. ISDN is the ideal solution for small- to medium-sized work groups looking to get faster Internet connections than an analog modem can handle.

If your company routinely pushes a lot of data through the pipeline, or if you are spread out among multiple locations, you may wan to go with a full T1 connection (which can be equated to multiple ISDN lines).

Contact our sales department to discuss whether Dial Up, ISDN or a T1 would be the best solution for your particular needs.
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