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FirstNET offers a comprehensive array of business communication services, from simple dial-up Internet access to the big pipe ISDN and T1 connections, as well as network development and consulting services. Whether you need Internet connectivity, networking or hosting, you'll find that reliability, durability and adaptability are FirstNET hallmarks.

LANs, WANs and VPNs
Let our experienced staff of technical professionals help you build the most efficient network system for you. Whether the optimum solution for your business is a Local Area Network, Wide Area Network or a Virtual Private Network, we'll help you through every phase -- planning, designing, development and implementation -- to ensure that your operation is running smoothly on a custom network or intranet designed specifically for your business. Contact our sales department to arrange a consultation.

Basic Hosting
FirstNET hosts business Web sites of all sizes and degrees of complexity. E-mail, secure commercial transactions, and all the latest technologies are available at FirstNET. Our hosting clients have included small businesses, large businesses and quasi-governmental organizations, from airports to inns, and from accounting firms to chambers of commerce. Click here for general pricing, or contact our sales department for a more detailed description of services and related costs.

Co-location & Rack Leasing
If you've got a server but not necessarily the connection speed and reliability you require, consider placing your server in our state-of-the-art operations center. If you have multiple boxes, perhaps you should consider leasing a rack instead. Click here for general pricing, or contact our sales department for more details about services and related costs on co-location and rack leasing.
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